3D sensitive touch

BÖ-LA's 3D-Sensitive-Touch continues the path of function integration in FIM components and takes the step into the third dimension. With the second generation of the so-called "BÖ-LA watch", an mp3 alarm clock, BÖ-LA shows how a touch-sensitive surface for three-dimensionally shaped components can be realised with the 3D-Sensitive-Touch technology. This does not only mean curved surfaces, but real 3D deformed surfaces - even complex geometries over several levels can be realized. 

By fully integrating the 3D-Sensitive-Touch into the FIM process, BÖ-LA has succeeded in reducing the technical and decorative process to a single film. The fact that only one carrier medium is used gives our 3D-Sensitive-Touch a technological edge and offers cost advantages at the same time.

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