Film-Insert-Molding is BÖ-LA's core technology. However, our technology portfolio has grown with each project. Today, BÖ-LA has a wide range of decoration processes as well as a large scope of foil processing and 3D-forming methods. In the field of injection molding, BÖ-LA is just as broadly positioned and offers nearly the full range of insert-molding processes. And as a specialist in automation and assembly technology, BÖ-LA offers the ready-assembled decorative assembly from a single source - naturally also with function integration.


BÖ-LA is considered a leader in industrial screen printing. Our printing technologies are not only state-of-the-art, with our backlit items, our Two-In-One designs, the high-resolution four-colour sets and BÖ-LA's new Micro Pattern, we set new standards.


Injection molding

Mounting the Assembly


Our roots lie in screen printing - but today decoration at BÖ-LA goes far beyond screen printing.

Screen printing

BÖ-LA is considered a leader in industrial screen printing. Our printing technologies are not only state-of-the-art, with our backlit items, our Two-In-One designs, the high-resolution four-colour sets and BÖ-LA's new Micropattern, we set new standards.

Pad printing

Decoration of injection molded parts simple and efficient

Digital printing

Option for photo-realistic printing and batch size one

Hot stamping


Backlit foils in chrome, dark chrome or brush-structured optics

Gravure printing

For the finest elements such as high-quality wood decors or the thinnest lines for brushed surfaces - as foils or IMD injection-moulded components

Laser etching


With partners from our network


With partners from our network

Chrome plating

With partners from our network

Backlighting & illumination optimisation

As a specialist for backlit articles, BÖ-LA has the measurement technology and the necessary know-how to realise demanding backlit projects. Our speciality is the development of light compensation prints that achieve uniform homogeneous illumination over the entire surface and can make light guides superfluous.

  • Illumination optimisation
  • Light diffusion
  • Conduction and guidance of light
  • Colour optimisation by means of wavelength shifting

Foil processing

Whether for prototypes, pre-series or for series production - we offer the right solution

For high repeatability, BÖ-LA recommends high-pressure forming, but also offers alternatives for cost-optimised or large-format forming


  • Cutting
  • Laser cut
  • Steel strip cut
  • Punching with cutting tools
  • Milling


  • High Pressure Forming
    Best position tolerances and reproducibility, large production capacities thanks to our six HPF lines
  • Mechanical Forming
    Self-developed and very cost-effective process for 3D-forming of non-high-gloss films
  • Thermo-forming
    The process of choice for large-format parts and continuous decors

Injection molding

In the field of plastics technology, BÖ-LA offers almost the entire range of insert-molding processes.

Function integration
With Printed Electronics, we design your smart surfaces entirely according to your requirements.

Injection molding

  • Single or multi-component injection molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Film-Insert-Molding / FIM
    BÖ-LA - a pioneer and technology leader in the field of Film-Insert-Molding. BÖ-LA's unique strength is our comprehensive process know-how across the entire process chain: feasibility analysis, tooling, printing, forming, injection molding. With a high degree of automation and camera controls, we realise your demanding projects
  • In-Mold Decoration / IMD
    With gravure printing foils for decors with the highest resolution or finest structures
  • Film-Insert-Molded-Electronics / FIM-E
    Functional integration of screen-printed conductors using FIM
  • IMSE - TactoTek's In Mold Structural Electronics
    Integration of touch functions and lighting to create a self-luminous plastic component

Function integration

  • Flexible self-adhesive conductor foils
  • 3D-formed self-adhesive touch sensors
  • Film-Insert-Molded-Electronics (FIME) with BÖ-LA's 3D-Sensitive-Touch
  • Printed antennas and proximity sensors
  • IMSE- In-Mold-Structural-Electronics with our partner TactoTek
  • Transparent conductive films in glass look for touch displays
  • Functional integration through functional film bonding (FFM)
  • Heat-by-Print - under development

Assembly and joining techniques

For the mounting of your assembly in series production, we build the most modern assembly systems, including automation and integration of the necessary joining technology, in our own production.

Assembly of components

Decorative or functional assemblies. Components, automation technology and assembly systems from a single source.

Joining techniques

  • Automated assembly
  • Bonding, also by means of highly transparent adhesives (OCA = Optical Clear Adhesive)
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Hot-caulking
  • Functional Film Bonding (FFB)
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