Already since 2015, a creative group of specialists from the fields of pre-press, inks, screen printing, FIM and design has been working on the creation of our own decors and design ideas - we call this team BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN. The focus of this in-house design team is on developing individual designs for our customers that make full use of the possibilities of FIM and at the same time fulfil the requirements for series production in large quantities.

Focus on the unseen

A particular strength of BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN are innovative backlit decors that go far beyond today's standard ambient lighting. The most important thing about these pieces is not visible at first. What is visible in the day design is a high-quality decor in, for example, piano black, carbon, matt-gloss, chrome or wood decor. By means of Black Panel technology, however, a second design is added, which only becomes visible when the components are backlit. 

Two-in-one design

For the automotive interior of tomorrow, the team created our "TWO-IN-ONE-DESIGNS" - high-resolution reproductions of real materials such as fur, stone or wood, which are also combined with a second secret-until-lit design. The team has developed the necessary tools for this at the same time. With a combination of special inks, screen parameters and screen fabrics, BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN ensures that the high-resolution four-colour set now finds its way into industrial screen printing at BÖ-LA. This opens up completely new design options - including photo-realistic images that were previously only possible with digital printing.

Bö-La Dashboard

With its own 3D-shaped dashboard in XXL format, consisting of a centre stack and a large trim strip, BÖ-LA shows new solutions for the automotive interior of tomorrow. Decorative, functional and of course seamless should actually be innovative enough - but the SMART DESIGN team came up with something special for the trim. In addition, you integrated a personalised information board that -on demand- informs you about the latest tweet, current stock market prices or what the weather will be like today. We call it:

By means of the groundbreaking concept, innovative decoration and touch-sensitive controls are combined in a smart surface that is ideal for all forms of decorative parts in e.g. centre consoles or trim strips. ActiveDash® combines a variety of design options such as haptically tactile surface structures or exciting disappearing effects with different day and night decors. At the same time, it enables the seamless integration of display elements and touch-sensitive controls into a closed surface in modern seamless design.

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