Screen printing
Pre- and post-injection (FIM)
Assembly of components

BÖ-LA is one of the world's leading specialists for industrial screen printing applications and, as a pioneer of the Film-Insert-Molding process, is one of the most recognised and competent technology partners in the field of FIM (also called In-Mould-Labelling/IML). With the combination of numerous decoration processes, Film-Insert-Molded-Electronics (FIM-E) and component assembly, BÖ-LA provides you with your decorative component assembly from a single source – of course also with a touch-sensitive surface if desired.

Active grille

BÖ-LA develops and manufactures innovative products in the automotive sector, such as: flat and 3D moulded dials for display instruments, heating vent panels, backlit light switches or knobs.
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All film insert molding processes from a single source!

Screen printing

BÖ-LA is considered a leader in industrial screen printing. Our printing technologies are not only state-of-the-art, with our backlit items, our Two-In-One designs, the high-resolution four-colour sets and BÖ-LA's new Micro Pattern, we set new standards.


Injection Molding / Film Insert Moulding (FIM)

Mounting the Assembly

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Our music of the future

Here you can take a look at our current developments and ideas.

The automotive interiors expo opened its gates in Stuttgart from November 8th until november 10th 2022.

Film-Insert-Molding specialist BÖ-LA presented its latest innovations in the field of printed heatings, large-sized formed emblems and front-fascias with radar/lidar permeablitiy – all for the automotive exterior. As well as decorative micro-printing technology and most recent approaches to functionalize automotive interior surfaces.

Turn conventional structures into smart, interactive surfaces. At the booth of TactoTek® licensee BÖ-LA you could discover the latest in-mold structural electronics® demonstrators.


BÖ-LA licenses TactoTek® IMSE Builder® to mass-produce IMSE® functional films

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At Fakuma 2021, we presented our new radiator grille demonstrator with innovative backlighting concept for the first time.

  • Individual driver greeting
  • Brand-specific lighting design
  • Different day and night designs
  • Interactive communication with road users
  • Optical warning functions
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The screen-printed structures that a customer wanted to have implemented for a new decorative component should be smaller than technically possible. Line thicknesses of less than 0.1 mm are consistently rejected in feasibility assessments for screen printing series production. Not so from the team at BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN, who took up the challenge. A solution for the realisation of structures with only a few hundredths of line width was not in the drawer - precisely because this was previously not possible in series production and could only be realised by means of other printing technologies, such as gravure printing. It was only in cooperation between BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN and external partners that a way could be found to enable such fine structuring in screen printing.
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BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN is an in-house design team with a special focus on innovative backlit decors that go far beyond today's ambient lighting. BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN has "invented" our trend-setting "TWO-IN-ONE-Designs", with high-resolution, lifelike stone, wood or fur decors, and combines them with a second hidden "secret-unti-lit" design that only becomes visible when backlit.

Discover the possibilities - no one knows the innovative design possibilities of backlit screen printing decors better than we do. Challenge us - we'll be happy to design the custom surface for your next generation of cars or appliances.
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