When small is not small enough.

The screen-printed structures that a customer wanted to have implemented for a new decorative component should be smaller than technically possible. Line thicknesses of less than 0.1 mm are consistently rejected in feasibility assessments for screen printing series production. This is not the case with the BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN team, which has tackled the issue. A solution for the realisation of line widths with only a few hundredths of a line was not in the drawer - precisely because this was previously not possible in series production and could only be realised by means of other printing technologies, such as gravure printing. It was only in cooperation between BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN and external partners that a way could be found to enable such fine structuring in screen printing. 

The new technology is particularly suitable for high-quality FIM trim parts with sophisticated decors such as metal structures, metal meshes or brushed structures - of course much more cost-effective than real metal materials and, above all, backlit. 

The team from BÖ-LA SMART DESIGN is happy to provide interested customers with our Micropattern sample fan with a wide selection of decors.

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