Screen printing in a new dimension

High-resolution four-colour sets, created with a self-developed combination of colour formulas, screen parameters and screen meshes now enable photo-realistic representations that are familiar from digital printing but previously seemed unattainable in screen printing. Wood imitations, metal structures, skins, stone designs or three-dimensional depth effects through screen gradients are just some of the effects created by our BÖ-LA Smart Design team. Depending on the decor, the printing inks are on the back, the front or both sides of the component, creating effects with depth and haptic structures on the front with a modern "look & feel".

A photo-realistically printed trim with different day and night designs should actually be innovative enough - but the SMART DESIGN team came up with something very special for the trim. In addition, they integrated a personalised information board that -on demand- informs you about the latest tweet, current stock market prices or what the weather will be like today. We call it ActiveDash ®.

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